Global Planning Solutions has developed BOLD QUIR, a new advanced planning software for Operating Theatres. The main objective of BOLD QUIR is to improve efficiency in the management of Operating Rooms (ORs) / Theatres.

The solution uses a powerful algorithm to propose optimised workloads for ORs / Theatres resulting in better results than those achieved using traditional Planning methods. Thanks to its advanced design, this software allows the user to simulate different planning scenarios and leads to better-informed decisions in the short, medium and long term.

BOLD QUIR also provides a friendly web-style user interface; this can be used to manually adjust the proposals generated by the algorithm. BOLD QUIR is therefore an exciting new solution that allows for the optimisation of surgical activities in ORs / Theatres, and one of its main aims is to reduce waiting lists. The system also provides information relating to a set of pre-defined indicators, this allows for a better evaluation and comparison of different proposed planning strategies.