Advanced Planning for Operating Theatres

It is a powerful, flexible algorithmic planning tool designed to assist the people responsible for planning in the operating theatres and to help the decision making process at all levels.

BOLD QUIR optimizes the efficiency of surgical procedure planning, taking into account criteria such as waiting list priorities, resource availability as well as other rules & limitations.

The software generates an:

  • Automatic Service Plan
  • Automatic Surgical Operation Plan

The main benefits are:

  • The planning of activities can be adjusted to demand.
  • Better overview of global needs & interests.
  • Improved tracking & measuring for decision making.
  • Strategic Planning: simulation supported decision making.
  • Facilitates Data mining.
  • Operational Planning: takes finite resource into account.
  • Ability to anticipate and solve problems.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to local and regional service centre changes.
  • Indicators for regional service centres and headquarters.

Key Advantages:

  • Average increased productivity of 8 - 11%.
  • Expected waiting list reductions of 20 - 40%.
  • Increased quality of life for patients.
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