BOLD WorkPlanner


Human Resource Planning

We are facing a market that often think of simplifying the problem looking for a tool to manage schedules or calendars.

BOLD WorkPlanner is much more than a scheduler o calendar management tool. It is a solution of Advanced Planning as an opportunity to increase productivity in organizations and allow being more dynamic, flexible and efficient while facing challenges in improving reconciliation of work and family life.

BOLD WorkPlanner combines two key factors: power and functionality.

  • The algorithmic engine generates in seconds an automatic planning proposal based on a complete model-oriented coverage of demand / job skills, contemplating incident and absences management, presence, collective agreement, organizational, economic and social.

  • Users make modifications to the application like Excel and may reflect any incident or situation that occurs in the day.

The main benefits with BOLD WorkPlanner are:

  • Reduce staff costs: Sizing propertly the staff.
  • Process Cost reduction: Automation and elimination of paper. Full integration between planning and key HR processes.
  • Improvement in Social Cost: Allow to achieve work-life balance.
  • Service Improvement: Optimize the level of service with the algorithmic engine. Identify problems and help in solution. Improve management of incidents and absences.
  • Integrity and reliability of the procedures: More reliable system, avoid errors that affect people, decisions verified by the algorithm, higher quality of information.
  • Improved use of data at all levels: All type of reports, Coverage, counters, incidents, activities, mobility, schedules, and costs. Reports justifying decisions.
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Successful Cases


BOLD WorkPlanner a before and after in the workforce management inside Bellvitge Hospital

29 June, 2014

BOLD WorkPlanner and success in planning the Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Deu

15 April, 2015